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For international customers, we accept payments via credit card, Google Pay, Apple Pay and Alipay. The acceptable card brands are VISA, MasterCard, American Express, and Diners.

Order Processing Time

Items in stock are typically shipped within 2 business days after payment confirmation. Special order items will be shipped within 2 business days after they are received in stock.

Shipping Options and Fees

JP Post Small Packet

China, Korea and Taiwan
7.50 USD, 6-10 Days
Other Asia
8.00 USD, 10-14 Days
Oceania, Canada, Middle East
9.79 USD, 12-18 Days
U.S. (including other U.S. areas)
12.50 USD, 14-20 Days
Central and South America, Africa
11.21 USD, 18-24 Days


China, Korea and Taiwan
10.36 USD, 3-5 Days
Other Asia
13.57 USD, 8-12 Days
Oceania, Canada, Middle East
22.50 USD, 10-14 Days
U.S. (including other U.S. areas)
27.86 USD, 11-14 Days
Central and South America, Africa
25.71 USD, 14- Days


Korea, Taiwan
111.86 USD, 2-3 Days
China, Hong Kong, Macau
113.79 USD, 4-6 Days
South East Asia
124.71 USD, 4-6 Days
India, Australia, Oceania
128.36 USD, 7-10 Days
US, Canada, Mexico
150.54 USD, 5-8 Days
UAE, Israel
324.64 USD, 10- Days
Other Countries
328.61 USD, 10- Days

For more details, see International Shipping Fees.

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Export and Transaction Restrictions

All transactions conducted on will be under Incoterms DAP (Delivered At Place). Customers will be responsible for paying any customs duties, VAT, and other applicable taxes.

Due to Japan's export control regulations for national security reasons, some of the products we handle may not be exportable, including to specific countries. Additionally, transactions with certain companies or individuals may be prohibited. We may inquire about the intended use and import purpose as necessary at the time of sale. We reserve the right to cancel any orders at our discretion based on these regulations.

We do not target sales to customers who will use the products within the EU. Certain products offered on this site may not comply with environmental regulations. We may inquire about the final use location as necessary, and you are expected to respond truthfully to these inquiries.

For other terms of use and disclaimers, please refer to the Terms of Sale & Disclaimer.

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