USB Analog Output, 0-20mA/4-20mA Current Signal, Galvanic Isolation

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Nov 2023

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TDFA6032A is an analog output unit that outputs a 0-20mA or 4-20mA current signal from the USB port. Output current can be controlled in 2,048 steps using Windows/Linux compatible control commands.


How to Use

The TDFA6032A is controlled using the "TD-USB".

(To set the current value. The set current is 20mA * setting value / 2,048.)
% td-usb tdfa6032 set 1024

(To get the current value.)
% td-usb tdfa6032 get

(To set the initial value at power-on.)
% td-usb tdfa6032 set INITIAL_DAC_VALUE=300
% td-usb tdfa6032 save    

To integrate with custom applications, call TD-USB as an external command. It can be utilized from Python, shell scripts, C#, and more. Please refer to the integration examples in the TD-USB documentation.

Additionally, the demo application "TD-AppKit" can be used for graph display (TD-AppKit is compatible with Windows only).


Item Value
Output Current Range 0~20mA
Accuracy <3 FS%
Resolution 11 bits (2,048 steps)
Maximum Load 750Ω
Open Circuit Voltage 24V
Terminal Specifications Screw type (M2) 0.2-1.5㎟ 16-26AWG
Insulation 1kV (design value)
Communication Standard USB 2.0
USB Connector Type USB Type B Mini
Supported OS Windows 7 or later, Linux
Power Supply USB Bus Powered
Included USB Cable 1.5m
Maximum Current Consumption 350mA max.
Operating Temperature Range 0-55℃
Dimensions 60x26x22mm (excluding cable)

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