[Clock Dongle] a USB Real-Time Clock, Current Time Sync., Battery Backup

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Jan 2024

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The "Clock Dongle" is a simple Real-Time Clock (RTC) that allows you to obtain the current time via USB. It is used in conjunction with computers that do not have their own clocks, such as Raspberry Pi.



Item Value
Supported OS Windows 7 and later / Linux
Settable Time Range Year: 00-99, Month: 01-12, Day: 01-31, Hour: 00-23, Minute: 00-59, Second: 00-59
Leap Year Calculation Yes
Accuracy <20ppm
USB Standard USB 2.0
USB Connector Type USB Type A
Battery Life > 5 years (Room temperature, Design value)
Battery CR2032 (Built-in, Not recommended for replacement)

How to Use

The Clock Dongle is operated using the standard control command TD-USB. TD-USB is a command-line program that works on Windows and Linux.

  1. Install TD-USB in advance and prepare it to be executed from the command line (see resources below).
  2. Connect the Clock Dongle to your computer.
  3. Enter td-usb tdpc0205 set in the command line to set the current time on the device.
  4. Enter td-usb tdpc0205 get in the command line to confirm that the current time is output to the standard output. Example: 2024-01-24T12:34:56

If you want to use it for time synchronization with a Raspberry Pi, you can refer to Using TDPC0205 (Clock Dongle) as a Time Source for Raspberry Pi (in Japanese).

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