USB Isolator, High Speed ​​480Mbps, Bus Power, 1.5W/300mA, Noise Filtering for Audio and Measurement Equipment

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Jun 2024

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TDPC2011 is an isolator that supports USB2.0 high speed. It electrically isolates the PC side from the device side and separates the ground potential. It is ideal for noise suppression of sound devices and measuring instruments.


Differences between TDPC2010 and TDPC2011

While TDPC2010 and TDPC2011 have the same isolation specifications, the way they supply power to devices differs. - TDPC2010 uses a self-power method, supplying power externally. It does not operate on its own. Please prepare a USB power supply with sufficient output for the secondary side device's current consumption and connect it to the Type-C connector on the secondary side. - TDPC2011 supplies power from the primary side via bus power. No external power supply is necessary. The current supply to the secondary side is up to 300mA. Devices with a power consumption greater than 300mA (1.5W) should not use TDPC2011; instead, use TDPC2010.

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