"PulseLab" USB SpO2 Sensor Development Kit

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Feb 2015


"PulseLab" is a development kit for creating applications that utilize heartbeat. Includes sensor body, heart rate probe, and control program.

Pulse Oximeter Development Kit for Heart Rate App Development

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The Principle of Pulse Oximetry

The color of human fingertips slightly changes with each heartbeat. This change in color is due to the different wavelengths of light absorbed by oxygenated hemoglobin (O2Hb) and deoxygenated hemoglobin (HHb). When fresh blood is supplied to the fingertips from the heart, the hemoglobin is mostly in the form of O2Hb. Soon, oxygen is consumed, and the proportion of O2Hb decreases. With the next heartbeat, the proportion of O2Hb rises again. Thus, the concentrations of O2Hb and HHb manifest as color changes with each heartbeat.

Pulse Lab illuminates the fingertip with LEDs emitting two wavelengths, visible and infrared light, approximately 800 times per second and measures the transmitted light intensity using a photodiode. The change in light intensity is captured as a photoplethysmogram. Furthermore, by calculating the ratio of visible and infrared light intensities, it is possible to determine the oxygen saturation.

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