Isolated Digital Input Board 8 Channels Current Source/Sink USB Bus-powered

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Aug 2020

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TDFA30608 is an 8 channel USB digital IO input board. You can easily read signals from various external devices from your own programs. Because it is electrically insulated, it has excellent safety and noise resistance.


Use Cases

The input equivalent circuit is as shown in Image 2. Connect the power to the common terminal and connect buttons or external devices to each terminal.

Next, connect the module to a PC. By executing the following command from the command line, you can read the status of the contact points:

% td-usb tdfa30608 get

td-usb is the command name, tdfa30608 is a fixed string to identify the product, and get is a fixed string to instruct reading the state. Upon successful execution, a numerical value is returned to the standard output. The binary representation of this number indicates the logical state of each port. In the example given, the decimal number 3 is returned. In binary, 3 is 00000011, indicating that ports 0-1 are positive (or 'on'), and ports 2-7 are negative (or 'off').

For detailed usage instructions, please refer to the provided manual and command description.

Additional Requirements

Documents and software

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