RS232C Serial Relay Controller, 3 Form C , 6A 250VAC 28VDC max., 12V Power

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Jan 2024

Relay and Digital I/O    
3D Overview
3D Overview
Control by TD-AppKit
Control by TD-AppKit

A simple RS232C controlled relay board. Can turn on/off voltages up to 250V AC/28V DC and currents up to 6A.

How to Use

Send the command string SF00000000X followed by a newline character. The X should be a digit from 0 to 7. This digit represents the state of the three contacts as a binary value from 000 to 111b. Upon successful execution, a period character . followed by a newline character will be returned.

 SF000000001(\n) ← Contact #1 will be ON

 SF000000000(\n)  ← All Contact will be OFF

 SF000000007(\n)  ← All Contact will be ON

It is also possible to set the default state of the device at power-on and other configurations. For more detailed information, please refer to the datasheet and manual.

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